Hi, my name Is Jim Fitzmaurice. Welcome to The Life System.

In case you haven’t heard of me before, I’ve been in the betting stratosphere for over 15 years. I used to test and recommend many of the wagering systems found online via a website that I created called Betting System Truths. I am well known among my peers for only endorsing the very best systems, those that prove to have a reliable and consistent track record. (if you’ll pardon the pun)

Before I endorse a system, I put it through it’s paces (another pun; forgive me) first using my own money, time and energy. I also keep careful records of the results to ensure there is no mistaking a clear winner– or a dead loser. When I find a system with promise, I then invite a select group of experienced bettors to further test the system out.

Back in 2008, after many months of testing, I was pleased to bring to the market a method that, in my eyes, had been perfected to its core.

13 years ago after my own rigorous testing, I launched The Life System and a select group of colleagues tried and further tested it. These participants have, literally, years of experience with online wagering systems and they are always interested in the newest methods available. During the very first month after this phase began, I received so many emails from them that I was completely blown away!

They reported 20/1 winners! and even 29/1 winners!

None of us could believe it! Imagine the thrill of winning on a selection pushed out to massive odds and given no chance at all, according to the Betfair Market.

But that’s what The Life System is all about!

Below I have added just a few of the hundred or so emails from these very happy, satisfied bettors.

What you have here, today, will change everything about how you wager– for the better! It will change the way you invest your bank, how you prioritise your money management and it will show you how to apply that to what I believe to be the world’s best backing system available on the market today.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Fitzmaurice


True to form!

I read somewhere that picking winners is not easy. According to some experts, to win I would have to spend hours going through past results and form books, speaking to jockeys and trainers and other experts. As far as I’m concerned, doing all that would make losing hurt more!

Hold on a minute!

We don’t go about our day in the same exact way, each and every day. There are always some variances, no matter how trivial. We don’t do exactly what we did yesterday true to form. This is a fact, whether you’re an accountant, an electrician or whatever. Each day is different, somehow.

It is NEVER true to form!

This world is spontaneous! Nothing is planned. What happens each day is not written on a blackboard in the sky! With that said, are we trying to predict the future? — Let’s leave that to the psychics. What we need to do is give ourselves an edge over our competition, and with “The Life System” we do just that, on a daily basis.