Hi, my name Is James Fitzmaurice. (That’s me In the pic. TOP RIGHT) Welcome to my wealth building website.

My Goal is to provide you with all manner of systems, strategies and online wealth building tactics that have worked for me since 2005.

My background. I am from the midlands in the UK. I started out pretty much like you, I didn’t want to work stupid hours to scrape by each month and since 2005 I have been self reliant ONLINE with my own wealth building strategies.

In 2007 I created the betting system review website Betting System Truths, which led me to uncover many scams and alongside a dedicated review team we found some absolutely terrible betting services. In fact, over 99% of those we tested failed.

I released my first ever system ebook called Lay Formula which to this day still works very well on the Betfair exchanges.

I later released The Life System which finds massive priced winners on Betfair with average winning odds of 10/1!

In May 2013, I discovered Crypto, I’d just received £50k inheritance and was looking at getting a buy to let property. I used half the money as a deposit to buy a little flat just around the corner from me and I still have it to this day.

With the other half of the money I purchased 225 Bitcoins at $93 a coin. It cost me $21K (about £16,000 in todays money)

I dollar cost averaged the sale of 50% of my Bitcoin in December 2017 at an average sale price of $15,767 a coin.

I hit the big time! I sold 115 Bitcoins and netted $1.8m USD about £1.2m UK pounds.

It’s safe to say that my judgement on what works and what doesn’t work online had finally paid off.

In January 2021 I sold my remaining 110 Bitcoins on the way to its top of $69k at a dollar cost average of $37,565, Netting me over $4m+ USD!

I don’t tell my story to brag. I want to help you achieve the same success that I have had online.

On my website you will find opportunities and my thoughts on all manner of topics. Betting Systems and Crypto being the two I feel I am qualified mostly to help you with.

Have you got a great betting system that you would like to market but have no idea how to do it? Well I am here to help you, just Contact me!

If you have a great potential product, I can set-up a trial for my subscribers after a period of proofing, and then you can under-go the real test in-front of thousands of my subscribers. If you’d like to know which Crypto Altcoins I have invested into ready for the end of the2021-2022 bull run, then, just let me know. I’d be happy to share what I am doing with you.

Please take look around my website. I’m sure there will be something that will help you along your way.

Thanks for reading,

James Fitzmaurice


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